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Interesting places and facts to know about Comino

Comino Island

Comino Island (Kemmuna) is a small island between the islands of Malta and Gozo, measuring 3.5 square kilometres in area.  Named after the cumin seed, the island is only accessible by boat.  As of 2024, it has a permanent population of only two residents and is part of the municipality of Ghajnsielem, in southeastern Gozo, from where one priest and one policeman commute.  Comino is a paradise for snorkelers, divers, windsurfers and ramblers.  It is a bird sanctuary and nature reserve (Natura 2000 marine protected area) and is a getaway into the wonders of nature.  You can walk all the way around the island in just three hours; which is good because there are only a couple of vehicles on the entire island.  The island is essentially not populated which means that you won’t see any vehicles or other polluting artifacts. This presents a great leisurely walking opportunity.  There is only one campsite on Comino, in the north west of the island close to Blue lagoon. This vicinity to Blue lagoon allows access to the sea for swimming. With no permit needed, you can organize a camping trip with your friends and even use the public toilets there.  Important key structures on Comino are the Saint Mary’s Tower, the Comino Chapel, Saint Mary’s Battery and Redoubt and the Police Station, not to mention the bays, beaches and caves around its coast.  Definitely worth visiting and exploring!

Crystal Lagoon

Nestled in the north-western part of the island, Crystal Lagoon is a hidden gem celebrated for its crystal-clear blue waters and enchanting sea caves. Accessible by foot, boat, kayak, or a refreshing swim, this area, located just 10 minutes from Blue Lagoon, offers a plethora of aquatic activities such as snorkeling, swimming, cliff diving, and cave exploration. Three distinctive caves adorn Crystal Lagoon, each with its unique charm. The first cave is called Popeye Cave, captured in a captivating photo, boasts a collapsed roof forming a picturesque arch to the Mediterranean Sea. The second cave is called Lover’s Cave, situated along the coastline, challenges adventurers with its depth of approximately 40 meters, leading to a hidden sandy beach. The third cave is the Crystal lagoon Tunnel Cave which despite its smaller size, offers a rewarding swim-through experience.

Blue Lagoon

The enchanting Blue Lagoon, though compact, is an absolute essential for your sailing itinerary in Malta. Renowned for its breathtaking turquoise waters and distinctive rock formations, this beach immerses you in a dreamlike setting. However, given its status as one of Malta’s most frequented spots, the likelihood of having the place all to yourself is slim. To escape the crowds and relish the serene beauty, consider planning your visit off-season, allowing you to fully appreciate the charm of Blue Lagoon in a more tranquil and intimate atmosphere.

Cominotto Beach & Cave

Situated on the opposite side of the Blue Lagoon, the diminutive island of Cominotto unfolds its charm across a mere 250 square meters, predominantly rocky but adorned with a petite sandy beach and a captivating swim-through cave. A haven for swimming and snorkeling enthusiasts, the island is accessible by boat, yet a more adventurous option involves a swim from the Blue Lagoon. For an enchanting experience, plan your visit to this tiny island in the afternoon, as the magical sunset views cast a spell over Cominotto, enhancing the allure of its natural beauty.

Santa Maria Bay

Santa Maria Bay, also referred to as St. Mary’s Bay, stands as a charming oasis on the island of Comino in the Mediterranean Sea. This small sandy beach is celebrated for its crystal-clear turquoise waters and unspoiled surroundings, creating an idyllic haven for relaxation and enjoyment. Offering a tranquil escape, Santa Maria Beach beckons visitors to bask in a peaceful atmosphere, whether soaking up the sun on its sandy shores or indulging in a refreshing swim in the inviting sea. With its scenic beauty and serene ambiance, Santa Maria Bay emerges as a favored destination for those seeking a peaceful retreat amidst the natural splendor of Comino Island.

Santa Maria Caves

The Santa Maria Caves, situated on Comino, stand as a testament to stunning beauty and crystal-clear waters. Accessible by small boats navigating through a series of narrow openings, these five caves are renowned for their captivating underwater environment. The first three caves are particularly popular for snorkeling and diving, providing a rich habitat for diverse marine life. The fourth cave, located along the coastline to the left, boasts expansiveness and is celebrated for its crystal-clear blue waters and vibrant coral formations. The fifth and final cave, situated further along the coastline, invites adventurous souls equipped with waterproof flashlights to explore its deep and dark depths. Those daring enough to venture to the end will discover a small hidden sandy area, adding an extra layer of intrigue to this underwater marvel.

San Niklaw Bay & Creek

Nestled on the tranquil north side of the island, this petite beach, primarily frequented by guests from a nearby hotel (closed for refurbishment since 2018), remains a haven of solitude and peace. Unlike more bustling destinations, it offers a serene atmosphere for those seeking a quiet retreat. Particularly ideal for snorkeling enthusiasts, a picturesque creek awaits along the coastline, approximately 390 meters to the right of the bay past the hotel. This secluded spot invites visitors to revel in the joys of swimming and exploration, enhancing the allure of this off-the-beaten-path gem.

Elephant Rock

Elephant Rock is a particularly interesting rock formation located on the north east coast of Comino.  It is as the name suggests, a rock shaped like an elephant with its head dipping in the water for a drink. This detail is so intricate that one can almost make out an eye socket, with the rest of the creature’s body seemingly carved out of the rock.  It has even appeared on the big screen in the 2002 film, The Count of Montecristo. A veritable wonder of nature, the majestic Elephant’s Head is one fascinating monument you won’t forget!

Doggy Bay

This tranquil beach is nestled on the south east side of the island and is located right beneath the artillery battery of Comino, called Saint Mary’s Battery which was built by the Order of Saint John between 1715 and 1716.  This beach is recognized for its unique rock formations, particularly the one in the shape of a dog, hence its name, bulging out from the sea and looking upwards towards the battery.  Being accessible only by boat is most probably the reason for its seclusion and peaceful environment.  The weathering process on the limestone of the cliffs and the falling boulders, over the years, have created this excellent and natural bathing spot, ideal for swimming and snorkeling, allowing visitors to explore the vibrant underwater world on this side of the island.